About Us

Welcome to MagicWandAttachments.com. We are a proud Canadian owned and operated company and the best online source for Magic Wands, Magic Wand Attachments, and Magic Wand Accessories. Visiting MagicWandAttachments.com is the easiest way to shop online for all your Magic Wand needs in Canada or the United States.

We ship all orders from within the US or Canada. All orders are shipped from the nearest available warehouse either in the US or Canada. Ship times usually vary between 1 and 4 business days depending on your location.

Quality, Respect, and Privacy: These are the core values that MagicWandAttachments and its employees live by.  Our philosophy is to promote playful sexuality by providing superior products to enhance your love life in a safe, fun, and elegant way.  We do this through our discreet delivery and billing of exceptional quality toys.