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All U Can Handle - Magic Wand Attachment Kit

REWARD YOURSELF!!!  Magic Wand Attachments harness the widespread, mind-blowingly intense wand vibrations to give new purpose to your Powerful Magic Wand Massager. 10 Magic Wand Attachments For HIM & HER 10 Great Fitting Magic Wand Attachments For Magic Wand Original and Other Same Sized Wands Simply slip the attachment over ..

US $299.99 US $149.99

All U Can Handle Silicone - 6 Wand Candy Premium Wand Attachments

6 Wand Candy Premium Silicone Wand Massager Attachments.  Included are the Rabbit Thriller, Naughty Triple Thriller, Triple Play Thriller, VibaCup, Straight-Up Thriller and G-Curve Thriller.Wand Candy Premium Silicone Wand Attachments are designed and tested for a near-perfect fit on the Hitachi Original Magic Wand Original HV-260, Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270 and nearly all similar large-s..

US $159.99 US $59.99